Mike & Dane Dolechek
Dolechek Trucking, LLC

I must admit, we were a bit skeptical when we first learned about Vane’s Custom Farming Insurance Policy at the 2023 Custom Harvesting Convention. We knew there had been a previous insurance program offered a few years ago that didn’t live up to what they were selling. Don Preusser, President of Vane took the time to explain how Vane’s Insurance Coverage was not like the Area Coverage Program offered by others. Vane’s Insurance Solution covered our specific customer field locations. That’s important to us. We needed to know that if our customers cancelled a harvesting contract with us due to weather damage, the loss determination would be made at our customer field locations, not a county measurement.

Vane’s Insurance Solution delivered for us in 2023. We had multiple locations where our wheat harvesting customers suffered significant drought damage. Vane completed a field level examination and promptly paid our claim. We would have suffered significant loss of revenue in 2023 without Vane’s Custom Farming Insurance policy. Its protection designed for our business and allows us to deal with the unpredictable financial impact to our business by mother nature.


Monte Bertsch
Jr’s Harvesting, Inc.

I suspect that many Custom Farming operators has some challenging harvesting experience in 2023.  The drought conditions in Kanas had a significant impact on our business.  It didn’t take long before I knew that we would be testing the new Custom Farming Insurance Policy we had purchased from Vane.  We didn’t quite know what to expect since it was a new program.  After organizing our lost field information and submitting it to Vane, the process worked well.  We had some clarification of field information that was necessary and took a couple of extra steps, but overall, it delivered as promised. 

The Vane Custom Farming Insurance Policy from Vane was a huge benefit for our business.  Our industry has had few if any risk management tools to help us manage weather risk.  The Vane Custom Farming Insurance Policy is exactly what we need to protect us from weather events that can destroy our harvesting revenues.  Having insurance for our operation not only protects us from catastrophic events, but gives us the confidence to grow our business knowing our investments are protected.  


Rob McClelland
Meristem Crop Performance

Offering high quality products and outstanding customer service are the benchmarks of every successful business.  But great products and service alone does not guarantee long-term success.  Meristem seeks to deliver innovative and valuable tools to its customers. Its what makes us a leading provider of crop input solutions.  We also seek to deliver best-of-class service delivery and tools to help our customers achieve success.

Meristem believes that providing additional peace of mind through its Replant Guarantee Program is another differentiator in helping its customers to achieve success.  Meristem, through its business relationship with Vane Insurance Solutions leverages the latest in technology and insurance expertise to simplify and deliver Replant Coverage included in its seed treatment products.  Together, Meristem and Vane created a unique and valuable Replant Program Solution – helping our customers to maximize the value of our product and services.